Welcome to our home page for jobseekers.  We at TELL/COM RECRUITERS focus on placing strong candidates in great positions at excellent companies in telecommunications.  Since 1983, we’ve focused on placing professionals in:


  • Sales,
  • Sales Engineering (pre- and post-sales),
  • Product/Service Marketing and
  • Managerial functions.


And, we’ve added telecommunications engineers and programmers to our recruiting practice.  Due to our longevity, diligence and success, we’ve built a network of contacts that includes practically everybody worth knowing within our practice areas.


Within telecommunications, we’ve focused our practice on companies that operate within these vertical markets (or industry niches, if you prefer) and their subcategories:


  • VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol),
  • Data or Voice Communication,
  • CTI (Computer Telephony Interface),
  • Contact/Call Center,
  • IP Telephony (Internet Protocol Telephony),
  • Enterprise Software and
  • IVR/Speech Recognition (Initial Voice Recognition).

Coming Soon...

If you are experienced in one of the five functional areas (including engineering) and seven vertical markets listed above, we want to hear from you.  You may be happy or, at least, satisfied with your current position and employer.  That shouldn’t prevent you from looking at opportunities to advance your career or increase your income.


Without revealing your identity, we make you easier for employers to find and give them a better initial view of you.



The most effective way to contact us and to make yourself available to employers (including our clients) and recruiters is coming soon.  Your profile will be anonymous.  Employers – especially yours – cannot view your resume or otherwise identify you without your permission.  Once you’ve completed your profile and submitted it, and we’ve approved it, it will be available for previewing by employers or recruiters.


To contact you, they must contact us, first.  With your permission and only with your permission, we will divulge your contact information and send them a copy of your resume.  By posting your profile on our database, you can test the market for your capabilities without risk of being discovered and without conveying the impression that you are actively seeking another job.









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