“TELL/COM's recruiters listen to the needs of their clients and produce quality candidates. Great follow through and follow up with the best of integrity.” June 1, 2011

“I have known Tell/COM RECRUITERS for over twenty years. During this period I have held sales management jobs with some of the top manufacturers of SME equipment. Over the years I have needed personnel with varying degrees of experience. Whether I was building a direct channel sales team, building a two-tier support network or just needed to augment my current team with quality field technical support, they were able to fill my requests. They truly are part of the upper echelon in telecom recruiters in the United States .” June 11, 2012

“TELL/COM's recruiters listen to the needs of their clients and produce quality candidates. Great follow through and follow up with the best of integrity.” June 1, 2012

“TELL/COM RECRUITERS have a vast knowledge of the Telephony and contact center industry. They know everyone, and have always provided me with top notch talent when I was recruiting.” May 17, 2011

“TCR recruiters are upfront and honest. They respect your schedule and don't waste valuable time in fulfilling a need. They honor commitments and will always call you back.” May 14, 2012 

“I have known TELL/COM RECRUITERS Owner, Dennis Young , for over 10 years and he is one of the most knowledgeable and connected recruiters in the telecom industry. TELL/COM RECRUITERS is straight forward, energetic and will always be ready to provide great advice and service whether you are looking for good people or are in career transition.” May 10, 2011

“TELL/COM is a well received recruitment firm in the telecom industry with years of experience and plenty of connections. I have known them for about ten years and work together periodically. They represent some very well known companies. So if you are looking to make a career change, you may want to contact TCR and see what's in their magic bag.” May 9, 2011

“TELL/COM is an excellent resource within the industry and can really bring their contacts and experience to any search they undertake. They are well informed and see trends across the industry. I have trusted their advice on candidates over a number of years.” May 6, 2012

“TELL/COM RECRUITERS has been a valued resource to me for almost twenty years. They have their finger on the pulse of our industry and always give and in turn seek sound advice. They are professional and discreet. I enjoy our interactions and would support them fully for further engagements.” May 6, 2011

“I have worked with TELL/COM numerous times and have hired my best National Account Managers from his efforts!” April 26, 2011

“I hired TELL/COM RECRUITERS to help me find middle management and staff with deep IP telecommunications experience. TELL/COM RECRUITERS knew where they were and were especially skilled at finding sales professionals and solutions consultants that we needed.” April 24, 2011

“I've worked with TELL/COM RECRUITERS many times. Their deep knowledge of the industry saves time for everyone involved from the client to the candidates. Why? Because he only brings the right opportunities to my attention. As time is my most valuable asset, I cannot overstate how important this is.” April 24, 2012

“I highly recommend TELL/COM RECRUITERS without hesitation! I've been a client of TELL/COM RECRUITERS for many years and when I've needed them, they've been there.” July 21, 2011

“TELL/COM RECRUITERS is at the TOP of my list for networking, job search, and friends. Some recruiters will tell you what you want to hear and play you against other candidates, TELL/COM RECRUITERS tells the truth, listens, coaches and positions your talents for the best possible placement. TELL/COM RECRUITERS is one of the BEST, and I'm speaking from success with them.” June 5, 2010 

“I recommend working with TELL/COM RECRUITERS without hesitation, and especially applaud their ability to work under very tight deadlines. Their expertise, focus, and creativity have made them a tremendous asset to me.” May 25, 2010

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